Finding girls for the photography class

I am very excited to be going to the local arts center today to meet some of the girls who want to take the photography class.   It will be hard to decide who to choose but we want to make sure we find girls who are committed to doing the two classes each week and will have the interest to carry forward to take photographs for Ni Nyampinga, to tell their stories of life as a girl in Rwanda, and maybe even go on to have a career in photography.   That is our hope.

I was shocked by how few photographers there are in Kigali.   It’s not even on the radar for girls here, and so the Girl Hub was very excited about the opportunity to give them a new means of self-expression as well as new career possibilities.  This may just be the first step for some of them.

The Girl Hub sent this flyer out to gathering places for girls so that they could contact us if they were interested in the class.

One thought on “Finding girls for the photography class

  1. Exciting to see your project underway, looks like you are settling into the culture. Look forward to seeing your pictures. Love to all. Enjoy. Debbie

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