The talented young journalists at the Rwanda GPI news desk post their first stories

While it has been nice to get back to Oregon and our home here, I very much miss Rwanda and all of our friends there.   Most of all, I wish I could still have classes every week with my amazing photography students, they are a talented group of young ladies whom I enjoyed getting to know and came to care deeply about.   They also formed a special bond with my daughters who miss them as well, and we look forward to when we can go back again for a visit.

The young ladies of our photo class, checking out their test shots

Meanwhile the photography and journalism students have been hard at work, producing content for Ni Nyampinga magazine, and posting their first stories for the GPI Rwanda news desk.    Check out their amazing work.’s-first-female-professional-football-coach-defies-gender-stereotype

I am starting a new project that will have me traveling again and as that comes together I will share more about it.   My plan is to also go back to Rwanda at some point to continue some of the work I started there this year.

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