One of my photography students in Rwanda has her first photo essay published internationally

When I first assigned the students a personal photography project, they really impressed me with the variety of subjects they were interesting in pursuing.    Christine in fact had several serious topics she wanted to delve into that we actually had to put on hold for now, as we felt they weren’t safe for a 14 year-old to be shooting on her own.    She decided to pursue her story on teenage pregnancy, a problem which both the students and their parents told me is a real concern for young girls in Rwanda.

Christine worked hard on this story throughout the class and now as a journalist with GPI, and it was exciting to see it go up on the GPI newswire last week and immediately be picked up for syndication by other news outlets.   It’s really great to have these stories being told by people within the community,  and in this case who better than another teenage girl who sees the problem first-hand among her peers.   I hope you enjoy her work as much as I did, great job Christine.

Teenage Pregnancy Remains Main Factor in Rwandan Dropout Rate | Global Press Institute.

Photo by Christine Kampire

photo by Christine Kampire

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