First Day in Kathmandu, Nepal

Being in Nepal for just over 24 hours, I have already had a bit of surreal sense that many of the things that I believe about life and have come to learn over the years reside here in a fundamental way.    The people are very kind but even more they seem to have a certain sense of peace with themselves and with the unpredictability of life, that lends itself to a state of inner well-being often missing in our crazy lives back in US.

We are limited somewhat in terms of what we can see since it is the rainy season and there is often a cloud cover over Kathmandu.  We only get glimpses of the mountains, yet when they are visible you really do get the feeling you are at the top of the world, or very near anyway.   I feel such a pull to head out of the city and see more of the country but since work will keep me very busy this week that will have to wait until my next trip to Nepal.

We are traveling with a videographer who is doing a documentary on GPI, and yesterday we walked around and got footage of the city.   I did some location scouting, including at  incredible Hindu and Buddhist temples, both of which I will post pictures of when I get a strong enough internet connection.

Today I will being doing the portraits of the journalists and laying the groundwork for the photography and lightroom workshops I will be teaching the rest of the week.   I’m excited to get to meet the reporters here and bring them their new camera.   Thanks again to Jon and everyone at Pro Photo for their help in getting some equipment for the GPI news desk here.