Next Stop Haiti

The last few months have brought many exciting developments in my new role as photojournalism trainer and photo editor for the Global Press Institute.   As I write this, I am headed to Haiti with Maura, GPI’s managing editor, to conduct journalism and photography classes for our Haitian reporters.   It is another opportunity for me to do what I love most, to share my passion for photography and journalism, and to help give GPI reporters more tools with which to tell their stories.

2012 was an amazing year of growth for GPI, and for me also, as I had the opportunity to become part of their team.   There were many impactful stories from our reporters, including one by Aliya Bashir in Kashmir, which brought attention to the fact that over 500 babies had died over the course of six months in a hospital there.    Within 48 hours of the story being picked up by international newswires, organizations from around the world were stepping up to provide much-needed medical equipment, and the government held those at the hospital responsible for the neglect that was taking place.

This is what I love about GPI: that it empowers women to tell stories about their communities that in many cases effect change as a result.

We are very much looking forward to everything that our growth will enable us to do, including increased trainings at our news desks, more editors, and a new syndication platform.   In February, we will be holding an event in San Francisco and encourage people to come learn more about the work of GPI and to meet some of our editors flying in from Nepal, Argentina, Nigeria and Rwanda.  If you are in San Fran and would like to attend, please RSVP here:

For those of you who have expressed an interest in helping to support our photojournalism program and trainings, we are working on some specific ways you can do that, so stay tuned.

I encourage you to check out the fantastic new Global Press Institute website, to learn more about GPI and to read high-quality international stories by top-notch women reporters.

Super excited to get to Haiti, to bring them their new cameras, and to introduce them to the wonderful world of photography!