A big welcome for us in Jeremie, Haiti

We are back from Haiti now and I will post what I wrote during our trip.  Intermittent internet and long days of working meant that I didn’t post while we were there.  Plus I’m realizing that sometimes it is nice to just be somewhere and be fully immersed in the experience and not get too distracted by having to post and tweet and message about everything in real time.

Jeremie, Haiti  A rural town on the West coast

Jeremie, Haiti A rural town on the West coast



January 23, 2013

I wrapped up my second day of photography training today and we had a great time with the reporters working on exercises around framing our images.   I read an inspiring book by Steve Simon, the Passionate Photographer, on the plane ride down and it gave me a few new ideas for class that I tried out.

Going over the photography curriculum

Going over the photography curriculum

Practicing shooting from different perspectives

Maura and I have been welcomed with open arms by the reporters here Mydrene, Lynda, Rosenie and Ganyerlar.  Renate, who helps run the college they attend, has been a great host and translator.   We had to do some rearranging of location for the classes, because there was some violence going on downtown when we arrived.    In fact it looked like we might have to leave Jeremie before we could finish out the week and the classes, but thankfully things have calmed down and we are able to stay.

Even though it is a world away from my last training in Nepal, the GPI reporters here have much in common with those in Kathmandu and around the world.   There is an intensity of purpose and a drive to learn and to push themselves to become the best journalists they can be, making it a such a pleasure to teach them and share my passion for photography.

When asked what brought them to GPI, the women spoke of their desire to give women and others in their community more of a voice, that they were tired of seeing journalists not cover the stories that need to be told.   They have a deep desire to share both the struggles of Haiti’s people, and also the stories of beauty that are there.   Their commitment and courage reinforces for me over and over why I love doing this job and working for Global Press Institute.   It is an absolute privilege to get to be a part of helping them to find their voices and hone their craft of storytelling.

Fun with photography

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