I’m excited to announce “Our Diversity is our strength” – photo contest

I am thrilled to be helping to spearhead this photo contest with Sankar Raman and “The Immigrant Story” in Portland.  Our intent is for this to be a community project, to tell the story of immigrants and how for many generations they have helped to define and strengthen our country and our communities.

Immigrants are under attack in our country, as is the idea of diverse immigration as a essential part of the American story.  It is important to push back against a false narrative that somehow this country belongs to one race or religion.  This project aims to show support to immigrant communities, and remind us all that the diversity and hard work contributed by immigrants continues to make us stronger.

My own family story is one of immigration, many generations ago, coming here seeking a better life, willing to take a chance and risk their lives for new opportunities and freedoms.   Those coming here today do so with the same hopes and dreams for themselves and their families.


Map Immigrant Story FB

We encourage photographers from all communities and of different skill levels, including photo students, to submit images!  For more information go to:


A big thank you to Pro Photo Supply for their support and sponsorship of this contest including hosting an exhibition of the selected prints in June.








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